Image of all four Lucid flavours set amidst a natural backdrop of various mushrooms, including reishi and lion's mane, and greenery, with clear text and health benefit icons visible on the packaging.

New Lucid Snack Bars! Functional Mushroom and Adaptogen Infused

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    Mushroom Magic

    Lucid's bars feature 1000mg of Lion's Mane and Reishi mushrooms, offering a simple, natural way to enjoy their benefits in every bite.

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    Lucid combines functional mushrooms with the calming effects of Ashwagandha and the energising properties of Maca. This blend is designed to support both body and mind in a natural, balanced way.

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    Our 100% natural, vegan, high-fibre and high-protein snacks are not just function and nourishment. Indulge in our four flavours cookie dough, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate hazelnut and banana bread.

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Full of Function

Full of potent properties but without psychoactive effects, functional mushrooms like lion's mane and reishi are a form of adaptogen, also known as 'nature's superheroes.'

Our brain-boosting fungi, lion's mane, supports cognitive function and sharpens focus. Reishi, the 'immortal mushroom,' enhances immunity and infuses tranquility into life's chaos.

Alongside our functional mushrooms, ashwagandha and maca step onto the stage. Ashwagandha, our graceful guardian, gently supports stress management*, while maca, nature's spirited spark, uplifts vitality.